Membership Information

To join SWALL or to renew your membership, pay online (info below) or send in your check along with the Membership Form to the SWALL Treasurer by September 1, 2023.

The SWALL membership year runs from June 1 to May 31. Dues must be received by September 1st if you wish to be included in the annual SWALL Membership Directory and on the SWALL email list.

Please follow the guidelines below to make sure your invoice is processed correctly:

  • Pay via PayPal or debit or credit card using the corresponding link below OR
  • Make checks payable to “Southwestern Association of Law Libraries.”
  • Individual and Associate members should include their name, telephone number, and email address with their check to ensure the check is credited to the correct member.
  • Institutional members should include a list of designated members and a contact name with a telephone number and email address.
    • Note: the Membership Form has a list for you to input individual SWALL members
  • Life members and student members do not owe dues, but please fill out the first page of the invoice for a membership record.

Pay Online with Paypal

Purchase Institutional Membership $20 each up to $200
For Institutional Memberships, under quantity, please enter the number of librarians at your institution.

If you pay online, please fill out and email the form to the SWALL Treasurer, Caren Luckie.

If you pay by check, please fill out and mail the form and the check to the SWALL Treasurer at:

Southwestern Association of Law Libraries
C/O Caren Luckie
Jackson Walker LLP
1401 McKinney, Suite 1900
Houston, TX 77010

If you have any questions regarding SWALL membership, please contact Edward Hart.

To learn more about SWALL, see our brochure.


Membership Categories and Dues

Individual Membership ($20): Any person interested in law librarianship and currently, or within the last 7 years, employed at least 30% of full time to perform professional work by either: 1) a law library, a state library, an American Library Association accredited library school, or a general library having a separately maintained law section; or 2) an individual or organization providing professional librarian services to law libraries, shall become an individual member upon payment of annual dues. However, if the person is currently employed by a legal publisher or vendor, he/she cannot be an individual member even if employed within the last 7 years under this section. If an individual member moves or changes employers, this membership moves with the member IF the member notifies the SWALL Membership Committee of the change of address. Individual members can vote.

Institutional Membership ($20/person, up to $200): Any law library, state library, American Library Association accredited library school, or institution having a separately maintained law library may become an institutional member upon payment of annual dues. The Board of Directors is empowered to determine whether the institution applying for membership qualifies. If an individual leaves the institution, the institutional membership stays with the position. Designated institutional members can vote.

Associate Membership ($20): Any person who does not qualify as an individual member or who is currently employed by a legal publisher or vendor is an associate member. Associate members are non-voting members.

Life Membership (free): At any business meeting, the members may, by a vote of 2/3 of those present and voting, elect to life membership those who have been members of the corporation for at least five years, but who have retired from active library work. Someone who is currently working for a legal publisher or vendor is not “retired.” Life members can vote. For a list of life members, see the Life Membership page.

Student Membership (free): Any person enrolled in an American Library Association accredited library school may become a student member by submitting a membership form. Membership in this category is limited to four consecutive years. Student members are non-voting members.