Grant and Scholarship Recipients and Reports

2015 AALL Annual Meeting Grants: Fang Wang and Jeff Woodmansee

2015 SWALL Annual Meeting Grants: Jill Henderson, Heather Kushnerick, and Laura McKinnon

2015 Lung Scholarship: Kenton Brice

2014 AALL Annual Meeting Grants: Tamsen Conner and Joseph Lawson

2014 SWALL Annual Meeting Grants: Cassie DuBay and Deborah Meleski

2014 Lung Scholarship: Jessica Haseltine

2013 AALL Annual Meeting Grants: Madeline Cohen and Saskia Mehlhorn

2013 SWALL Annual Meeting Grants: Stacy Fowler, Danyahel Norris, and Michelle Rigual

2012 SWALL Annual Meeting Grants:Amy Hale-Janeke and Stacy Nykorchuk

2012 Lori Bull Dodds Memorial Grant: Virginia Eldridge

2011 SWALL-MAALL Joint Meeting Grants: Jennifer Laws, Emily Lawson, and Lisa Rush

2011 AALL Annual Meeting Grants: Faye Hadley and Katy Stein

2010 Coco-Miller Grant: Virginia Eldridge

2010 Kate Mara Grant: Laura Fargo

2009 Coco-Miller Grant: Tracy Timmons

2009 Kate Mara Grant: Michele Woods

2009 Marion Boner Grant: Evelyn Beard

2008 Coco-Miller Grant: Koviena Nelson

2008 Kate Mara Grant: Lauren Van Waardhuizen

2008 Marian Boner Award: Peggy Martindale

2008 AALL Annual Meeting Grant: Christopher C. Dykes

2008 50th Anniversary Grant: Amy Hale-Janeke

2007 Coco-Miller Grant: Terri Wilson

2007 Marion Boner Grant: Catherine Whitney

2007 AALL Annual Meeting Grant: Monique Gonzalez

2006 Coco-Miller Grant: Jennifer Stephens

2006 Kate Mara Grant: Charlotte Thomas

2006 Marion Boner Grant: Jason Springman

2006 AALL Annual Meeting Grant: Courtney Selby